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A Case Study Comparison: The Adaptive Integrated Design vs. The Traditional Sequential Approach

Diaggram: Integrated Design Involving SAD, MAD, and Food Effect ComponentsTraditional approaches to First-In-Human (FIH) trials typically involve a Single Ascending Dose (SAD) phase, followed by a Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) phase with the Food Effect component initiated thereafter. To reduce
Phase I clinical timelines by up to 67%, Algorithme Pharma uses an Adaptive Integrated Design which overlaps the SAD, MAD and Food Effect phases and allows for the possibility of incorporating a Proof-of-Concept (POC) arm in patients.

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Complimentary Webinar Recording
A Multiplexed Approach for Immunogenicity Assessment Using the New SQiDliteTM System: Case Study Analysis

Algorithme Pharma would like to thank all those who participated in the webinar held on July 11th entitled A Multiplexed Approach for Immunogenicity Assessment Using the New SQiDliteTM System: Case Study Analysis. We hope the presentation provided you with valuable insights on the new SQiDliteTM system's capabilities in assessing the immunogenicity of a wide variety of biologic therapeutics required in safety and efficacy studies. We have now made the webinar recording available for you to view in its entirety.

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OnDeckBiotech is an online community and platform to streamline contract research and development by connecting biopharma companies with contract service providers. They provide direct networking access to relevant global industry leaders, to share learning and data securely, through confidential communication.

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Scientific Article
Use of polarity switching for the simultaneous bioanalysis of analytes with three orders of magnitude difference in concentration by LC-MS/MS

Mélanie Bergeron, Annik Bergeron, Peter van Amsterdam, Milton Furtado, and Fabio Garofolo

Bioanalysis, Vol. 5, No. 15, August 2013: 1911-1918:

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Frontiers in DMPK
August 20-22, 2013
Beverly, MA

Dr Fabio Garofolo, VP Bioanalytical Services, will be contributing to
"Frontiers in DMPK - A Scientific and Executive Networking Event".

September 22-24, 2013
Bethesda, MD

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8th Montreal Post-ASMS Symposium
September 26, 2013
Montreal, QC

Dr. Fabio Garofolo, VP Bioanalytical Services, will be giving a presentation entitled "Large Molecule Quantification by HRAMS: "Sensitive Calcitonin Bioanalysis Using Targeted Selected Ion Monitoring and High Resolving Power".

September 26-27, 2013
Sherbrooke, QC


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