Early Stage Decisions Made Easier with Effective Tissue Bioanalysis

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eBulletin  |  January 2014

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Early Stage Decisions Made Easier with Effective Tissue Bioanalysis

From the basic to the most complex, Algorithme Pharma develops reliable high throughput methods for the quantification of compounds in various tissue samples. Our scientists have experience with a wide range of tissue types including Liver, Colon, Kidney and Tumor in multiple matrices.

HRMS/QTOF AB Sciex TT5600Instruments Optimized in Tissue Preparation

  • Handheld homogenizer (Power Gren 125): For individual sample preparations and/or method development.
  • GenoGrinder 2000: This high throughput instrument allows for the homogenization of up to 192 samples at the same time.

Our expertise in this field allows us to develop LC-MS/MS methods with various types of molecules including Peptides, Fusion Proteins, Macrolide Antibiotics, Bactericidal Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatory drugs. Our scientists have also explored the development of methods for other molecules including Oligonucleotides in intestinal tissues and Retinoids in rat skin tissues.

Using our tissue bioanalysis services, sponsors can obtain additional pharmacological and toxicological properties of their drug, which can be critical for early stage decision making.

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