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Phase I: Safety and Tolerability of Novel Treatments for Acute Allergic Reactions Administered by Intravenous and Intramuscular Injection

Over the past year, Algorithme Pharma has conducted multiple studies (eg. First-In-Human, SAD/MAD, 505(b)(2) new dosage forms, etc) involving parenteral products administered through either intravenous (IV) bolus, IV infusion, subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. Our clinics are equipped to reconstitute the injectable drug solution and prepare dilutions if required, at timed intervals prior to dosing or at bedside. In parallel, our Phase I clinic is equipped with patient monitoring systems to allow continuous cardiac monitoring through the infusion and housing period, allowing for constant tracking of critical safety data.

Please join our team at the 2013 AAAAI Annual Meeting in San Antonio to discuss a case study where novel drug products have been administered to subjects through multiple administration routes (IV bolus injection, intramuscular injection and oral administration) within each study period in a 4-way crossover design. Our poster abstract highlighting the promising findings is available here.

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Webinar series - Part 2:
CRO & Biopharma Partnering to Optimize GO/NO GO Decisions in Phase l & lla Trials: Case Studies

Join us for Part 2 of a complimentary webinar focusing on maximizing the Early Stage CRO & Biotech relationship when planning Phase l/IIa studies. Space is limited - register now to reserve your spot at this second of three part series.


GPHA Annual Meeting
February 20-22, 2013
Orlando, FL USA

February 22-26, 2013
San Antonio, TX USA

ASCPT Annual Meeting
March 6-9, 2013
Indianapolis, IN USA

See you at booth 307!

SOT Annual Meeting
March 10-14, 2013
San Antonio, TX USA

Join us at #1160!

Phase I Poster Session

@ AAAAl - meet us
in Exhibit Hall C,
February 23rd
from 9:45-10:45 AM
 view abstract

@ ASCPT - we are presenting:

- March 7th, Poster Session l  from
8-9:30 AM
view abstract
- March 8th, Poster Session ll  from
8-9:30 AM
view abstract
- March 9th, Poster Session lll  
from 7-8 AM
view abstract 1
view abstract 2


Webinar date & time

Dr. Fabio Garofolo, VP Bioanalysis Department, will be a guest editor of the September 2013 Bioanalysis special issue dedicated to
'matrix effects'
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