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Patient Population:
Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Algorithme Pharma has experience working with targeted patient populations. Over the past year, this patient population has included those with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection, both Virologically suppressed (i.e. currently on treatment) and Treatment-Naïve patients.

In working through our network of specialists and our proven advertisement system, Algorithme Pharma established direct access to an active panel of hundreds of patients in this population to fulfill the needs of 4 studies involving these patients. The experience included Algorithme Pharma acting as one of the multi-sites participating in 2 different drug programs to assess safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and efficacy at varying dose levels versus commercially available medication following single and multiple dose administrations over a period up to 28 days of therapy. The ease of access to this population allowed us to be among the first sites to fill the panels and conduct the clinical study in a timely manner.

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GPHA Annual Meeting
February 20-22, 2013
Orlando, FL USA

February 22-26, 2013
San Antonio, TX USA

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ASCPT Annual Meeting
March 6-9, 2013
Indianapolis, IN USA

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SOT Annual Meeting
March 10-14, 2013
San Antonio, TX USA

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Phase I Poster Session

@ AAAAl - meet us in Exhibit Hall C, February 23rd view abstract

@ ASCPT - we are presenting:

- March 7th, Poster Session l
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- March 9th, Poster Session lll
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