Sample Analysis Timelines That Pay Dividends

Algorithme Pharma | July 2013 e-Bulletin
e-Bulletin / August 2013
Sample Analysis Timelines That Pay Dividends
When it comes to generic drug development, accelerated results are critical to the success of the program and earlier entry to market. The first generic company to market wins the 180-day exclusivity period which results in immediate market share gain and increased revenues. During that period, the manufacturer is able to build the product's access and acceptance without competition.

Accelerating clinical sample analysis data
and report timelines allows for earlier decision making and regulatory submissions. Algorithme Pharma provides sponsors with accelerated lead-in, sample analysis, data and report timelines for over 325 developed & validated methods. With timelines that are 40% faster than industry standards, Algorithme Pharma delivers the development edge needed to get to market faster. To review our accelerated sample analysis timelines, please see the chart above.

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