The Solution to your Most Complex PreClinical Bioanalysis Challenges


Algorithme Pharma | June newsletter
e-Bulletin / June 2012
Algorithme - The Solution to your Most Complex PreClinical Bioanalysis Challenges
Algorithme’s Bioanalytical Services Department has extensive experience in innovative method development. Following successful Government regulatory audits, our GLP compliant lab has the ability to perform preclinical samples analysis to support global regulatory submissions.
Matrices - Overcoming Complexities

In addition to standard matrices such as plasma and blood, our team of expert scientists can extract molecules from complex matrices in all species, including, but not limited to, feces, tissues, and cerebrospinal fluid. For matrices that are not available commercially, we can determine a compatible proxy matrix to prepare curves for sample concentration determination. Furthermore, through innovative approaches, our method development team is dedicated to overcoming complexities that develop within matrices, such as hemolyzed plasma, phospholipids interference, enzymatic degradation, etc.

Accelerated Turn-Around Times
Our team understands how critical timelines can be in the success of preclinical programs. We recognize the importance of continuous open communication throughout the partnership with our sponsors. By assigning a dedicated team to the project, we offer flexibility and accelerated turn-around on data availability which can be as fast as 24hours.
Flexible Solutions
As your molecule may be in different stages of the development process, we can work with different levels of method qualification depending on your needs:
  • Screening methods - used for discovery purposes
  • Qualified methods - applied when a validated assay is either not needed or not possible (i.e. rare matrices and tissue homogenates)

When a complete method development is required, our team is committed to successfully developing a robust method - even those that the industry has labeled as "complex". Following procedures as described in the guidelines of various regulatory authorities, our team will perform a full validation to support the analysis of our sponsor’s bioanalytical samples.

Highly Sensitive Platforms
The use of highly sensitive platforms, such as API5000 and 5500QTRAP, allows us to reach precise and accurate detection of LLOQ of both small and large molecules with high selectivity, even when only limited volumes are available.
Dried Blood Spot
Our expertise is well recognized specifically through our ability to perform new techniques in this field such as, Pre-Cut Dried Blood Spot (PCDBS) and DBS on-card derivatization. From method development to validation, our group can support your program through Dried Blood Spot analysis.
Additional Expertise

When quantifying large molecules, sensitivity and selectivity challenges frequently arise due to high molecular weight, formation of multiple-charged ions, extensive and inefficient fragmentation in MS/MS, chromatographic issues, carryover and adsorption problems.  At Algorithme, our scientists are able to overcome these obstacles by using the following: 

  • Sample enrichment techniques
  • Highly selective extractions
  • State-of-the-art MS approaches
  • Narrow chromatographic peaks and enhanced ionization 

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