2014 EBF European Analysis Forum Poster Session

Join us at the forum in Barcelona, Spain, for the poster sessions below.

This year, Algorithme Pharma will be presenting 6 posters :

  • Strategies to Eliminate Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) Interference due to Immunogenicity on Large Molecule Quantification by LC-MS/MS.  
    By Daniel Villeneuve, Jean-Nicholas Mess and Fabio Garofolo. Request more details.
  • Internal Standardization Approaches for Quantification of 25k Da Fusion Protein to Support Early Stage Drug Development by LC-MS.  
    By Jean-Nicholas Mess, Karl-Rudolf Erlemann, Jerzy Pieczykolan, Sebastian Pawlak and Fabio Garofolo. Request more details.
  • Impact of Oxidative Modifications on the Quantification of Intact Therapeutic Proteins by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.
    By Louis-Philippe Morin and Fabio Garofolo. Request more details.
  • Quantification of Growth Hormone Receptor Antagonist Pegvisomant by LC-MS/MS in Rat Plasma: Method Development Considerations for PEGylated Proteins.
    By Jonathan R. St-Germain, Jean-Nicholas Mess and Fabio Garofolo. Request more details.
  • Application and Advantages of HRMS in the Quantification of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies:“The Rituximab Case Study”.
    By Kevork Mekhssian, Jean-Nicholas Mess and Fabio Garofolo. Request more details.
  • Assessment of the ionKey/MSTM Technology to Reach Ultra High Level of Sensitivity for Bioanalysis Quantification of Large Molecules in Plasma.
    By Louis-Philippe Morin, Fabio Garofolo, Sukhdev Bangar, Paul Rainville, Erin Chambers and Mary Lame. Request more details.