Not All HNV Trials Studies are Created Equal

Not all HNV studies are created equal Altasciences Clinical Research

Healthy normal volunteers (HNVs) play a critical role in drug development. They are the key to gaining safety and efficacy data in early phase trials.

Think all clinical research facilities have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a trial in healthy volunteers? Think again!

Not all HNV studies are created equal

There is a big difference between a traditional PK study and a complex First-in-Human trial like those involving biologics, even though they both use healthy volunteers. Trust your compound to a CRO focused on early stage drug development with over 25 years of experience conducting traditional and atypical HNV trials.

Our team recently presented a poster at the ASCPT Annual Meeting on a highly complex healthy volunteer trial. This is just one of the numerous specialized HNV studies we have conducted.

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