Our Secret to On-Time Participant Recruitment and Retention

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e-Bulletin   |  June 2015  
Our Secret to On-Time Participant Recruitment and Retention

Gone are the days of relying on radio ads triggering phone calls to fill our panels! Although many are under the impression traditional media is still a leading source to recruit participants, the last couple of years have proven otherwise. With the ongoing evolution of people being permanently connected to their screens, our recruitment strategies have evolved to suit our participants' needs. Rolling out new tools to address the primary concerns of our new, potential, and returning participants, has been crucial to our success.


Some of the key elements:


A Robust Customer Relationship
Management System


Enhancing our Web Site Experience


Strategic Use of Online Media


Google AdWords…
the Power of Persuasion


Real-Time Data
for Real-Time Adjustments


A Unique Participant Portal

Technology in Recruiting
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