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The LC‑MS laboratory: the people, the design and more!

The LC‑MS lab currently employs 85 highly trained specialists who oversee all of our laboratory functions. The combined effort of each individual is critical to ensuring that the quality and integrity of all our endeavors are of the highest standard.

Tell us how the lab is designed.
Our laboratory is divided into two identical mirror image areas. This mirror image allows for a higher level of efficiency and a more natural workflow. It effectively separates our workforce into two smaller, more manageable groups, who have access to two distinct, yet identical, laboratories.

How is the workload divided, given the two distinct labs?
Our analysts process samples in two shifts, morning and evening, five days a week. Once the samples have been processed, analysis is performed 24/7. This approach ensures that all samples are ready for analysis in a timely manner, with a workforce present to meet the demand.

Tell us about the instruments...
We currently have 34 high performance Liquid Chromatography apparatuses equipped with Mass Spectrometry detection (LC‑MS/MS). Access to the tools needed during high capacity periods of method development, method validation and sample analysis is a key component of our success.

What is the percentage of Research and Development invested in the lab?
We invest 15% in Research and Development. We have a team of 24 scientists fully dedicated to method development.

The LMB lab: supporting
your therapeutic biologic product development 

The LMB team's analysts and scientists are knowledgeable with modern Ligand Binding technologies and perform sample processing, analysis and data review, from A to Z.

Tell us about your team.
The LMB scientists have an average of more than 12 years of experience in the field of ligand binding assays. Their complementary professional backgrounds, i.e. large Pharma, Biotech and CRO, is a unique scientific asset for our clients.

How is the workload divided?
To ensure operational flexibility in the management of our projects, we work morning and afternoon shifts.

What role does technology play in the LMB lab?
We ingeniously use diverse technology platforms to address our clients' wide range of bioanalytical needs for their preclinical and clinical studies, such as Plate Reader, Mesoscale Imager, Luminex and tissue analysis systems.

How are laboratory procedures assessed?
Laboratory procedures are assessed through an in-life Quality Assurance process. All data is quality controlled as it is generated, to ensure reliability, completeness and compliance.


Laboratory floor plan
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Laboratory 1



Freezer Room



Extraction Room



Balance Room



Reference Room



Laboratory 2



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Balance Room






Large Molecule Lab



Instrumentation Room










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