With access to over 750 Type I diabetics and 1,500 Type II diabetics, we have a solid enrollment rate of 30 new patients per month.


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Algorithme Pharma's Experience

  • Over 50 early stage trials involving anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic agents
  • 75 Type I and Type II diabetes patients enrolled over four weeks, in a single-center trial
  • Pharmacodynamics and Immunogenicity assessment
  • High-Glycemic Load Challenge/Tolerance Test
  • Insulin-Induced Hypoglycemic Event in Type 1 Diabetes - assessment of potential rescue medications

Case studies

Patient Access

  • 750+ Type l diabetics
  • 1500+ Type II diabetics, on:
      • Metformin only: 500+
      • Metformin + other oral hypoglycemic agent: 650+
      • Insulin: 300+
  • Access to referring physicians and industry experts
  • Searchable database to qualify IE criteria for pre-existing conditions, demographics, medication use and BMI

Clinical Expertise

  • Vast experience with FIH, adaptive designs, 505(b)(2), and PK assessments involving healthy subjects and patient arms
  • Setup for medical, scientific, regulatory and operational procedures
  • Support services, including customized protocol design, data management, bioanalysis, biostats and reporting
  • Administration of medication via multiple routes — including parenteral, intranasal, intramuscular and subcutaneous, etc.