Our database holds 4,000+ participants with lipid profile (TG, LDL-C & HDL-C) and varying degrees of dyslipidemia.


Additional resources

Algorithme Pharma's Patient Access

  • Database of over 120,000 participants, 40,000 active
  • 4000+ participants with lipid profile (TG, LDL-C & HDL-C) and varying degrees of dyslipidemia available in our database
  • Strategic alliances with hospitals for access to extensive patient populations
  • Ongoing outreach efforts to maintain and increase database
  • Searchable electronic database to qualify I/E criteria for pre-existing conditions, demographics, medication use and BMI


  • Completed 100+ PK studies involving lipid profile assessment at screening and on-study, following single and multiple doses
  • Investigation of pre-and post-treatment postprandial lipid profile changes
  • PK studies under fasting and fed conditions for TPD, FDA, EMA submissions
  • Vast expertise in supporting bioanalytical capabilities and the ability to develop/transfer methods

Clinical Expertise

  • Adaptive designs involving healthy subjects and patient arms
  • Setup for medical, scientific, regulatory and operational procedures
  • Support services, including customized protocol design, data management, bioanalysis, biostats and reporting
  • Administration of medication via multiple routes, including oral, injection and transdermal formulations, etc.