We are one of the highest enrolling sites worldwide for Hepatitis B and C patients, both treatment naïve and virologically suppressed.


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Algorithme Pharma's Patient Access

  • 150+ patients with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection
  • 700+ patients with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection, genotypes 1, 2 and others
  • Access to both treatment naïve and virologically suppressed patients
  • Access to genotyping services with fast reporting time
  • Ongoing outreach efforts to maintain and increase participant database advertisement.
  • Searchable database to qualify IE criteria for pre-existing conditions, demographics, medication use, and BMI
  • Dedicated clinical facility to accommodate long-term stays

Recent Experience

Clinical Expertise

  • Adaptive designs involving healthy subjects and patient arms
  • Setup for medical, scientific, regulatory and operational procedures
  • Support services, including customized protocol design, data management, bioanalysis, biostats and reporting
  • Administration of medication via multiple routes, including parenterals